Alive & Whole is an 8-Week Course designed to support you in your journey towards sexual autonomy and a healthy relationship with sexual desire.

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Growing up, many of us were never given the tools to understand and embrace our own sexuality. We were never taught how to accept ourselves as sexual beings, how to explore our likes and dislikes and how to communicate our feelings to others. In order to get by in this world, we thought we had to bury our sexuality away in the places that no one would find it. We think it’s about time that we got to know our innate sexuality.

During this 8-week course, Dave Bevan & Ria Hope invite you to join them on a journey through the unearthing of your own innate sexual needs and desires.

We will be enquiring into how we can honour and bring to light the beautiful and sometimes challenging ways that our sexuality can present itself in our lives, to spend time getting to know our erotic selves better and to root ourselves back into our own, powerful sexuality.

We will be exploring:

⦾ Common blocks and challenges: shame, confusion, numbness & lack of role models
⦾ Deconditioning and reclaiming your sexuality
⦾ Embracing & honouring yourself as a sensual/sexual being
⦾ What is self-love, how do we cultivate it and what’s it got to do with intimacy?
⦾ Increasing self-confidence and self-worth
⦾ Consent & boundaries
⦾ Direct communication tools for healthy relationships

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The Investment

Here in Lahlita’s Room we believe in fair access to education on sexuality and relationships, and believe in this community as a way to provide that.
When pricing our workshops, masterclasses and courses we take into account the amount of hours it takes to create, market and deliver this content and from there, fairly work out a price to offer, without jeopardising the efforts of the facilitators. 

50% of all profits go to The Lahlita Project organisation and the running of Lahlita’s Room.

£210 – Full Price** // For those with a job and earning enough to support this work and the other subsidised spaces.
£160 – Concession** // For those in a trickier financial position. 
£100 – Supported Place // For those heavily impacted by the current financial times, these spaces are extremely limited so please only choose this option if you absolutely need to.

**There are payment plans available for these options, to enquire please contact

There are two free spaces for POC or trans people who otherwise cannot afford a ticket.

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When you join the course you get access to a private support group where Dave & Ria are on hand to answer any questions you might have as the classes go on.


Lahlita’s Room aims to be a space where all human beings can come together to learn about sexuality in a contained and welcoming community. We realise that this takes an acute level of consideration for the fact that everyone’s experiences of sexuality are not the same, and this often comes down to how marginalised you are in our society. As a team, we educate ourselves regularly on the experiences of POC, queer, transand nonbinary people, disabled people and neurodivergent people and hope to use this listening to create workshops that are directly inclusive of all experiences.