Lahlita’s Room is an online space for the Lahlita community to come together!

At the start of 2020, we took The Lahlita Project online, creating a safe and playful haven where you can tune in, meet other people from TLP community, attend workshops and learn from just about anywhere in the world!

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Some of the workshops we’ve hosted!


Lahlita’s Room aims to be a space where all human beings can come together to learn about sexuality in a contained and welcoming community. We realise that this takes an acute level of consideration for the fact that everyone’s experiences of sexuality are not the same, and this often comes down to how marginalised you are in our society. As a team, we educate ourselves regularly on the experiences of POC, queer, transand nonbinary people, disabled people and neurodivergent people and hope to use this listening to create workshops that are directly inclusive of all experiences.