Here at The Lahlita Project we have a dedicated core team of magical women working behind the scenes to curate and contribute to the running of this community.

We work, play and create together, curating a delicious balance of friendship, joy and true drive for sexual freedom.

Ria Hope – Founder & Creative Director

Ria is a sexuality educator, intimacy enthusiast and general cheeky monkey. She started The Lahlita Project in 2018 at the age of 22 with a simple vision to create an accessible and inclusive space for younger people to explore and discuss sexuality.

Ria places activism and equality at the forefront of her work, believing that the crux of many issues faced in the modern world stem from a lack of education on human connection. She uses her initiative, listens to the needs of her peers, and taps into her various professional training in Sexology & Person-Centred Counselling to develop sustainable and exciting ways to promote discussion around sexuality.

Maisha Kungu – Group Facilitator & Administrator

Maisha joined the Lahlita team in the Summer of 2020. She is a movement specialist dedicated to love, joy, and full-frontal freedom of expression.  She is a valued member of The Lahlita Project core team. Maisha assists Ria and the team in any way she can whilst also bringing her personal inspiration, artistry and experience into the project. Maisha works closely with the belief that everyone has a right to life, love, sensuality and most importantly, personal power in their own physical-energetic form.

Aimie Duggan – Workshop Facilitator & Group Moderator

Aimie is an advocate for self-care, sex-positivity, period power and healing. She also joined the team in 2020 alongside Maisha. She is a certified Transpersonal coach, which means that she’s trained to work with your subconscious mind to inspire inner transformation. Play is essential to her approach! She also loves to read tarot, practise yoga, explore her roots, travel and connect with like-minds.