What People Say about Us…

Ria was wonderful to work with, they went the extra mile to make sure I felt comfortable and safe. It was obvious they really cared about me and my sessions, which is all one would want from these online interactions. Overall I was really pleased with the time I spent with them and I couldn’t recommend them enough!

– Jonny, 1-1 Client

I am a 26 year old ‘bisexual male’ who has watched this project grow from inception but never formally engaged for a variety of reasons. I could write an essay about how this project has helped me personally. There are very few accessible spaces where people can talk about the issues The Lahlita Project raise without paying stupid fees for advice or presenting with some kind of diagnosable problem. My mental health, personal relationships, outlook on life, relationship with my body and others, thoughts on how beautiful or not I am, investigations into previous toxic relationships (and the amazing ones)….. all of these things have benefited from watching and thinking about the discussions in this group. The way people hold space for each other, inquire when confused, facilitate the sharing of trauma or anxiety, share strategies for self-care/better-sex… it’s been a blessing to be able to witness. Wathcing so many people discuss everything and anything, in the rawest of detail….witnessing the differences in perspective and the resolutions…..it’s elevated all the chatter in my head, removed anxieties and the designation of my thoughts as ‘taboo’, ‘weird’, ‘wrong’…. In short, my life is improved by this space just becausue I can bear witness to its development. I have never requested support, or attended a single event and yet The Lahlita Project exists as a frame of reference and an anchor where I know I can ask a question or request support….if and when I need it. For now….it is a deep and uncomplicated feeling that I have….one of the sincerest of thanks to Ria Hope, their team and everyone else on here for providing a space that is truly accessible and truly radical. By radical I mean the orginal meaning of the word….”to form the root”…. This ship has deep roots….stretching back millenia….it’s in the very name. I look forward to seeing the branches grow and blossom and one day I would love to have the confidence and the bravery to attend and share my thoughts, feelings and experiences. And to listen.’ 

– Jamil, 26, Lahlita’s Room Member

My experience with the Lahlita Project has been inspiring in reconnecting with the innate self, the team are also perfect at creating a lovely, comfortable environment, highly recommend.

– Shauna, Workshop Participant

‘The ‘Alive and Whole’ course encouraged me to delve deep into my inner world, unearth and inquire about my desires. It helped me to discover and take steps to come to terms with more difficult realisations about myself and desires I didn’t realise I was hiding. Dave and Ria held the space with respect and love which made it easy for me to be myself and share openly with other beautiful humans. What an amazing experience!!’

– Steph, Course Participant

‘What I’ve seen here already is helping me to acknowledge that I really need a naturally open-minded, curious, intelligent and safe community such as this right now. A place where I can feel heard, accepted and validated alongside like minds as I grow to embrace all that I am and all that I need in order to live a rich and fullfilling life. I feel excited and grateful to be a part of Lahlita’s Room.’

– Joe, Workshop Participant